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EVERYDAY SUPERHERO #3 - Amar - Lunchbox Legend ⚡️🍴

Trying to find food that isn't packaged in ridiculous amounts of plastic on your lunchbreak is really hard but that's where your @elephantboxuk (thing of beauty and so satisfyingly well made) comes in. Got some yummy leftovers? Pile them in. Fancy yourself as a craftsman sandwich-maker (I secretly do)? Pack them in. Not only will you be saving mountains and mountains of unnecessary plastic waste, it will most probably taste better too. And you know what's in the food you're eating. And it's cheaper! My mum always says: "imagine if you put aside the money that you spend on coffee or food out ever day, you could go on holiday with it". It makes her sound like a bore but she's also really very right. Be a superhero too. As House of Pain wisely said back in the day, "Pack it up, pack it in" 🎤🎤 •

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