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Lark Rise Pictures has launched the first of its series of films about the air quality crisis in the UK. We have been working with scientists, researchs, lawyers, schools and campaigners to bring together this first creative docu-drama style film, "AIR". NB: THIS SITE IS NO LONGER LIVE. You can view the films below. I set up a local air quality group and work with my local council on awareness raising films about air quality. 

You can also find the films and access information, interesting articles, helpful links and download the films for free to screen where you choose to - in class, at events, at home, ... on the website.


If you would like a high resolution version of the film, please contact us directly at


Please do follow our project on: 


Twitter  - @CleanAir_Film


Facebook - @ComingUpForAirFilm


Instagram - ComingUpForAirFilm


We are looking for funding for the next films and would love to hear from you if you would like to support our project.

HuffPost article by Larissa Clark

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