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New WaterBear Original film ‘Together, We Dance’ is out now!


This is a story about community, identity and the power of dance to nourish the soul. Jonathon Prestney pursued their childhood passion to become a professional dancer. Their intense career enabled them to tour the world but also led to burnout. In search of respite, Jonathon returned home to Colchester just before the pandemic hit.


Going home gave them the time to truly reflect on friends in the LGBTQ+ community they had lost due to suicide. Jonathon felt compelled to share with others how dance had helped them through their darkest days. They defied the odds during the pandemic to create Movement Space, a thriving business and a supportive community centred around dance.

I co-directed this film during the pandemic with Chris Strong after meeting Jonny, a local dancer. I pitched and secured funding for this film, filmed, edited and saw the production through from start to finish. I worked out the narrative with Jonny to ensure that we told his story with the truth and compassion it deserves. 

Year of Production: 2021

Running Time: 18:46 mins

Director, DoP, Editor

Genre: Documentary

Client: Commissioned as a WaterBear Original

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