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*WARNING* the following content contains references to suicidal ideation which some viewers may find distressing.


A pregnant woman is meant to radiate unconditional love for her unborn child but what if her feelings are more complex and dark? Post-natal depression is increasingly understood but in a society that portrays pregnancy as an uncomplicated journey of maternal joy, prenatal depression is a taboo, and frightening. 
Yet it can also make a mother stronger than ever. 

"Within The Water" is a short documentary film exploring the experiences of a number of women with prenatal depression and how the ritual of cold water swimming throughout pregnancy helped two women in particular regain control.

WITHIN THE WATER was commissioned by WaterBear Network. The WaterBear Original version of the film is available on their network here

Year of Production: 2021

Running Time: 11.09 mins

Directed, filmed and edited by Eleanor Church + Katharina Koall

Sound​: Sebastian Muravchik

Drone Operator: Luke de la Nougerede

Genre: Documentary

Client: Commissioned as a WaterBear Original

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