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EVERYDAY SUPERHEROES #5 - Andy and Nina aka Washable Wipes Wonder People ⚡️👶⚡️🌊

This dad made the change from the normal, throwaway wet wipes to washable Cheeky Wipes for good reason. Not only have wet wipes that have been flushed down the loo (NEVER flush them down the loo even if the packaging says that you can!) contributed to 300,000 sewer blockages every year in the UK causing huge environmental problems, they also contain plastic. I know! Who knew? Wet wipes never quite break down completely and contribute to our enormous global problem of microplastics which are omnipresent in our oceans, rivers and waterways. These are ingested by marine organisms and not only harm them directly, but have also been found to enter our own food chain. With a washable wipe, you use it, put it in the container for "used" wipes then put them in the washing machine so that they can be used again, and again, and again, and again. And what can be better to keep those babies' bottoms soft as anything than just pure water? Let's think twice (or thrice) about how we use single-use plastics. Reduce, reduce, reuse and if necessary, recycle. 

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