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EVERYDAY SUPERHERO #8 - Liz aka Super Coffee Cup Woman ⚡️❤️⚡️ 

This superhero doesn't leave the house without her reuseable coffee cup and by doing so saves at least 8 takeaway cups a week, 32 a month and 384 a year. And that goes for the plastic lids as well. That's her contribution to tackling the problem of the enormous 2.5 billion single-use cups that the UK uses every year. We've all heard by now about how these cardboard-looking cups are actually lined with plastic which is technically recyclable but rarely meets that fate. Most go into landfill where the plastic inside them can take centuries to break down. It seems a bit excessive for the few minutes we use them. So join Liz and get yourself a nice cup that you can use and reuse and reuse - just don't forget to bring it with you. Thank you @keepcup for your brilliantly colourful and beautifully designed cup, to @dukesmersea for making Liz her coffee from your wonderful takeaway cafe on Mersea (delicious seafood to be found there too)

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