We're back from the North Pacific...

eXXpedition voyage from Hawaii to Vancouver: 2660 nautical miles, 14 women, 3 weeks:

Last week, we arrived in Vancouver after three weeks at sea. There's so much to tell, so much to share and I'll get some words down and photos together in the coming days. It was physically and emotionally hard, but amazing. When we reached our lowest point, after days of strong winds, big waves, hard work, filming in the most physically challenging environment I have experienced, with all of us feeling very affected by the plastic we were surrounded by, the ocean brought us magic, lifted our spirits and filled our sails. Magic came in the form of a pod of leaping dolphins, whales, bioluminescence on the darkest of nights and flying fish. It reminded us of its awesome beauty, power and life and why we have no time to lose to end this devastating invasion of plastic.

I was a photographer and filmmaker onboard. I am currently getting funding together to edit a documentary about the journey, women and findings.

As I said, are to come. But for now, here is some of the coverage of the trip:

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