Thinking about the filming...

A big part of my planning for this trip across the North Pacific is thinking. Aside from the visa applications, the many emails, getting quotes for kit, etc etc etc, I'm trying hard to stay focussed on why I'm actually going. I'm going to make a film about a crew of strong and passionate women who will be experiencing a life-changing journey as they cross through the densest accumulation of ocean plastic on the planet. All are onboard because of their professional knowledge and involvement with plastic in some form. And my job is to make this story, alongside the crew exploring the issues, problems and solutions of ocean plastics, really interesting to the rest of the world. I'll be filming using an observational style. This means that over the three weeks, I'll be capturing moments, words, action as they happen. There will be no formal interviews. This is my favourite way to make a film because you see the people as real people. It's time-consuming, long, more complicated in many ways, and it depends on building trust. The edit is an even bigger mental puzzle than usual but it's worth it. I spent four weeks filming this film in the picture - MANJU - whilst living with all of the characters back in 2009. I was significantly more shy, less experienced, less sure of myself but I knew it was a privilege to be let in to do this - and watching it back now, it came out quite well! I can't wait to get going!

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