The night before the last day

I took this photo the night before the last day...

“This morning, I woke up and everything felt different. The radio burst with loud calls every now and then - “Sea Dragon please confirm your destination…” The boat was flat, the air had a different smell and the light a different brightness. I went up on deck and there on both sides of us was land. We’d been expecting it; some of us saw a very faint outline of mountains in the far distance last night. I hadn’t thought it would seem so strange but I suppose it’s not surprising after three weeks on the ocean. Three weeks during which time we saw no land, no other people and had only started seeing boats in the last couple of days. A plane flew overhead, a foghorn blasted and here we were, back to “normality”. I felt overwhelmed - so happy to be able to ring my husband for the first time but unsure how I would convey what we had just experienced. We’d all been writing blogs, sending photos and videos to the outside world about what we had found throughout our journey but conveying that in person seems more complicated. Then the ocean gave us one last treat to remind us of why we were on this boat - dolphins and whales burst through the water for the next hour. Creatures of awesome beauty, strength and power - but also vulnerability.” #expedition #northpacific#womenwhoexplore #plasticfree#womeninscience #womeninadventure#travel #sailing #health #dolphin #whales#gyre #oceanplastic #microplastics

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