Night Watch

What was the best bit of the expedition? Hands down it was being on watch with my little team of buddies at night. Having to wake up for it was pretty hard but made better by our alarm being Rowan whispering: “there are so many stars out tonight” (better than when it was “you might want to dress up warm. It’s freezing and wet” which happened quite often too).

But being at the helm, steering the boat into the night with crashing waves or moonlit skies or driving rain or amongst phosphorescence that lit up every crest of every wave for as far as the eye could see was amazing. Most importantly, it was the quietness of the world amongst its awesome strength as we talked for hours, sometimes about silly stuff, often about what we were witnessing here in the middle of nowhere - or in the middle of everywhere depending on how you look at it. Beneath us was a world that we humans know very little about, and that isn’t “our” world, yet we fill it with our crap and are causing immeasurable damage. So then we turned our chat to what we can do. And that, amongst the force of nature, filled our internal sails with energy, drive and determination like nothing else could.

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