Kristine - Circular Economy expert

As you may have gathered by now (!), I’ve just returned from a three week sailing expedition across the NorthPacific gyre - the densest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world. Onboard, we had a great mix of impressive women from a range of professional backgrounds. We are at a brilliant moment in time to turn this situation on it’s head. I asked Kristine Marie Berg, our circulareconomy expert a few questions for a blog. I’m particularly interested in what she does because the results are so obviously impressive. In the UK, when we recycle we are actually downcycling. The plastic is being reused to make something of lower quality plastic meaning that new plastic is having to be created to make a new bottle, for example, rather than turning it back into a plastic bottle. In Norway, this isn’t the case. It makes so much more sense and reduces the need for new plastic. Thanks to an effective bottle depositscheme, there is a 98% return rate of bottles. Embarrassingly, the plasticbottles that litter Norway’s western beaches are nearly all washed up from the UK.

@kristiiinemarie is eXXpedition North Pacific’s onboard circular economy expert. After an exciting few years studying and working abroad, Kristine is back in Norway working for the world-leading reverse-vending machine company, @tomracollection Q: “Kristine, can you explain in a nutshell what is circular economy?” A: “I like using this analogy… It’s similar to the cycle of a tree in that it absorbs nutrients from the soil and takes energy from the sun through its leaves. When the leaves fall to the ground, they in turn become nutrients in the soil when they decompose that the tree can then use again. This concept of a cycle without waste where everything is a resource for something new can be applied to how we live our lives and how we do business and produce goods. This is the basic concept of circular economy.” Read more on the @exxpedition_ Blog page. And this is Kristine wearing one of the jackets that @finisterreuk kindly donated us. Essential as we’d (me!) all assumed we’d be sailing through beautiful sunshine and not rain, cold+high winds! #expedition #northpacific #gyre

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