Fundraising for North Pacific Expedition

In June, I will be part of a crew of 14 women sailing between Hawaii and Vancouver, across the North Pacific and through one of the world's five gyres - or "plastic soups" as they are sometimes called. The crew members, headed by the inspiring Emily Penn, will be a mixture of scientists, a designer, an artist, an engineer and other interesting and relevant professions. Each person will carry out a project or research about ocean plastics and persistent organic pollutants (POPs). I will be there as a filmmaker to make a very short and snappy film suitable for a global audience to make people think about their own personal plastic consumption but also what we can do as an international community to address it. I will also be making a full-length documentary about the expedition and the issue as a whole, with a strong focus on solutions. I'll be meeting with many of the NGOs and key players working on this issue to hear their thoughts on where we need to go from here to find lasting solutions to our plastic problem. I'll also be drawing on creative minds across the world to ensure that these films are the most impactful that they can be.

As I collect this material, I aim to engage with some schools, feeding back daily updates of the expedition and providing some classroom materials to start discussions around the issues. All of this is in the hope that it will engage school kids and young people in the issue in a more personal way. One of the other key goals of the trip is to raise the profile of women in science and adventure so I hope that we inspire young girls to see that their role in these fields is crucial too!

I am applying for film funding to cover production costs separately but am hoping to find support and sponsorship to get me physically on the boat! This will be around £10,000 including the cost of flights to Hawaii and back from Vancouver as well the the crew fees. I'm hoping to raise these funds by March.

If, by any kind chance, you would like to support me in this (I would be so grateful!), you can do so here:

Thank you!

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