Filming in the North Pacific

On my site, It says that I have experience of filming in challenging environments. And I do - physically & emotionally. But I think this last trip was one of the hardest because of the relentlessness of the rough weather and the limited space (head + physical) for kit, assessing what I’d got each day, + that it was three solid weeks of filming. It was great though! Blog entry from onboard: “The wind is up for our last few days of sailing as we approach Vancouver and we are battening down the hatches. I’ve been filming since we set off. I’ve thought a lot about how best to capture our expedition and experience through film. I use different approaches in my work for different projects and stories, with the main consideration being who will be watching. There has been lots in the media in the UK, where I live, about the problem of plastic. I want to make a documentary though that takes the story beyond that. As we are such a varied crew, chosen for our different specialisms, it’s an easier job for me to bring in different perspectives on the issue, including solutions! This was never going to be a film that makes people feel down about the issue, only inspired. Our journey to the densest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world has been epic. Huge waves, the boat tilting at a 45-degree angle for days on end, high winds, seasickness, glorious days of sunshine and dolphins, night shifts at the helm with bioluminescence bursting through the black waves at night, the crew has worked as a team throughout. We’ve lived intensely together, made friendships that will last forever, felt overwhelmed by what we’ve seen, worked hard at collecting the scientific data through the gyre, and felt elated at the most unexpected moments. I’ve tried to catch this as much as possible without everyone feeling the camera is always on. It has been challenging! Never a still moment, often the complete opposite when standing alone is practically impossible, let alone with a camera. @procamtv kindly gave me a discount on the equipment rental that I brought with me which has been invaluable.” Getting funding together for the edit now - then 💥

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