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This dude has some seriously clean ears thanks to his paper cotton buds. Many cotton buds still have plastic stems. Why is that a problem? They are often flushed down the loo (never flush them down the loo!!) and they are polluting inland waterways and the marine environment worldwide. Millions end up on our beaches (in recent years, they've made up 50% of sewage-related debris found on beaches). They have also been found in the digestive system of seabirds and turtles. Plastic marine litter as a whole is bad news for our own health as tiny particles and toxics that cling onto them can enter our food chain. Scotland is the first country in the U.K. with plans to ban them. Where's next? Using paper or other plastic alternatives is a REALLY easy way to be an Everyday Superhero. 💪🏻⚡️ 

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