“...the only thing that stands between Planet Earth and a plastic apocalypse is a band of Everyday Superheroes like…”

We have it in each of us to be a superhero, every day. We really do! Every time you say "No, thanks" to a plastic bag and bring your own, every time you say "I've got my own cup, thanks" when you grab a coffee instead of using a non-recyclable cup, every time you wipe your baby's bottom with a washable wipe instead of a baby wipe, you are literally SAVING THE WORLD. Toothbrushes, cotton buds, water bottles, coffee cups, glitter, baby wipes, straws, shopping bags... These are all things that are often made of plastic, that we use once or twice then throw away, but there are brilliant non-plastic alternatives to all of them!!

I'm going to make the coolest, snappiest, happiest, most colourful one minute film to inspire that hero to come out in you and your fellow world citizens, every day. It's really easy, we just have to remember to do it. And you won't be forgetting once you've seen these kickass dudes in action.

I raised the funds to make this film through Kickstarter - supported by lots of brilliant individuals and the following companies:

- Cheeky Wipes

- Continental Clothing

- EcoStardust

- Bristle

- Elephant Box

- Anglian Water

The film is currently in production. I hope to launch it in April 2018.

Here are some photos from the shoots of far:






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