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EVERYDAY SUPERHEROES #9 - Running Water Refill Heroes, you rock!!

These guys always fill up their own water bottles when out on a run or just out and about. It's said that around the world a whopping million plastic bottles are bought a minute. Fewer than half the bottles used in 2016 were recycled. Water companies across the U.K. are rolling out a brilliant thing called Refill @refill_here - A national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing Refill points on every street in cafes, pubs, restaurants, at water fountains... just look for their label. In my area, @anglianwater has launched it in Norwich. Colchester is up next on Earth Day - 22nd April! Come on, Superheroes, you don't need to buy plastic bottles. Refill, reuse, refill, reuse. Let's not even get to the recycle part. We are lucky enough to have clean, safe, delicious tap water so let's use it. Thank you to the @goodgym #Colchester team for coming out in the drizzle, and to Mr Singh! And of course to @thenorthessexlarder for the costumes.

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