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EVERYDAY SUPERHERO #7 - Jude aka Bag Lady Extraordinaire 

Of course we couldn't leave out the hero that brings their own bag with them when shopping and says a firm "thank you but no thank you" to the plastic bag. We've had some action on this one already in the UK with the bag tax (which is great) but still... around one trillion used a year worldwide, very rarely recycled or disposed of properly, hellish on the degrading front, and although the plastic bag looked very poetic in American Beauty - it's been recognised as being damaging enough to be completely banned by many cities and countries around the world. Until that day comes everywhere, always remember to bring your own bags with you. The world will thank you for it. We've made some of our own Everyday Superheroes bags, made by Continental Clothing - Organic, rain-fed cotton and very long lasting. I visited one of their supply chains a few years ago with Lily Cole - exemplary!  They'll be available here soon. Designed by the brilliant Sinead Scammell.

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